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Today the cloud base was sat at 3300ft and scattered, the day for me was empty of students (a rare thing!)

Colin was in tow and we both knew we were in for a great flight.

Destination Hungerford, down wind there into wind back (an odd selection of flight) but I wanted to fly over the wifes work.

It took us about an hour and half and 6,7 L's of petrol but what a flight. I was so excited about flying when I got back from 1.5 hours at cloud base that I just kept running and took off again LOLOLOL

Did a few more circuits before landing to take some pics of Colin on aproach.

I am not going to try and explain the flight but needless to say it was a good one!

Sorry to those of you have have to do office / no flying stuff......


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Hi All,

Have to agree with Simon lovely smooth flight nice easy takeoff and fairly respectable landing.

Simon headed home after we landed to do some dog care and I hung about for a couple of hours on the off chance someone else would turn up for a fly though not to be. As the wing was out and the motor was all together and I still had decent fuel I tookoff and had a quick flight over simons house and gave it a bit of a buzz waved to Simon and Rob I could see on the ground. Then headed back to again respectable landing.

All in all a fantastic days flying. Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same in the field for 8.30am latest and beat the inversion.

Fancy going the other direction tomorrow Simon go to the powerstation maybe.

Cheers Col...

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