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Gyrocopter murder in the news

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I'm sure you have spotted the sad news over the last few days where a gent was killed on an airfield by a gyrocopter. I won't speculate on the events on that day however it has brought the 500ft rule into the spotlight. The CAA had received complaints about low flying by that particular machine, and from the photo's below you can see how they can be gathered as evidence.

The point I'm trying to make is please don't buzz people, and take extra care around riders on horseback, they can easily make complaints which can bring our hobby into the news for the wrong reasons. Our machines are slow and noisy - and easily photographed especially since everyone has a phone camera now.

An aircraft must not fly closer than 500ft to any person, vessel, vehicle or structure unless landing or taking off.

Taken by someone on the ground (who later complained to the CAA) you cannot tell how high he is but you have to admit it looks low.


After the tragic event


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Aw Jeez.

Doesn't take long to get hyped in the news does it.

Death Gyrocopter

Our spinning bits are much smaller and we can fly slower for longer periods, but "because you can" isn't a good reason to do it.

If you're below 500ft, you're preparing to land or climbing out, or you're at a controlled field.

At least I hope you are in your head, even if you're not regulated by law to do so.

Fly high, fly safe folks.

Train wreck this is.

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So who was flying?

Protester or hunt supporter?

Pete b

Protester had been flying, alledged eyewitness accounts say they were shouting repeatedly at each other on the ground after the copter had landed and been refueled. Pilot moved forward, pedestrian went over the undercarriage and into the prop - very nasty.

Pilot has now been charged with murder.

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as it happens, when I was looking for info on paramotors before I started training, I did a google search, as you do, and found a couple of hunt protester sites wich were talking about using paramotors to trail hunts and film them


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Just what we dont need Eh? Paramotors flying over riders on horseback. The law will soon put pay to that I would imagine / hope. I spotted the local hunt from my flight yesterday and gave them a mile of clearance.

Very wise Dave, especially when you consider a large part of the people who ride with hunts are councilers, local biusinessman etc, in other words people with influence.

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