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A good day

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(Tried to post this yesterday but couldn't get a line.)

Well I was waiting for a good day and today was the day ......and it's my birthday.

I had my longest flight, at 1 hour and 13 minutes, absolutely brilliant.

I have taken more pictures on this flight as well, a bit of camera shake when on zoom on some of them, but I will try harder. I have reduced the size of the pictures so they display better.

I flew the local area but a bit further, firstly there was Le Chatelier, a chateau that is not easily seen from the road:


Just along from there was a long weir in the river:


Then I flew a little further and took a shot of a very pretty village called Belabre:


On my way back I photographed another local chateau called Chateau de la Garde:


I was really enjoying the flight and took a typical shot of the general scenery, boots included for effect:


Lastly when I was flying over the air strip I took this one, it's the ULM Prissac field:


When I came in to land my friend Michel was waiting to say hello, he is a fellow paramotor pilot who has just taken early retirement from the Gendarme, very nice to have a welcome on return to the field!

When I got back home I had my favourite beer waiting, courtesy of my wife Shirley, a lovely glass of Jenlain. I will be bringing a little taster for you lucky folks who are coming over to Airvault shortly.

A lovely day, a fabulous flight, it doesn't get any better than this, I am a lucky sod.

Cheers all,


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Nice flight Allan.

The welcome and the beer at the end of a great flight like that allows you to reflect on what a great sport this is. We are all so lucky to be able to live the dream of flight with a machine that fits easily into a car. Amazing.

Look forward to sharing a beer with you post-flight in France next week.


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