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Flying in Nepal instead

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Hi All

Not been around as myself and Rob Ginger have been in Nepal flying our ars**s off for the last couple of weeks. :D

Free flying in strong thermic conditions with the most spectacular scenery is just so amazing, something you have to experence for yourself. :x

Pictures in my album

Simon Payne

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Good on ya Simon, a worthy excuse.

Do tell us if you're flying the plasma free flight how it behaves best (trims) and what you prefer as most used setting.

Not looking for a review of the wing as much as how trims are set for the conditions you encountered as you say sometimes strong.

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Karan will hopefully read this and comment - Nepal is an AMAZING place and one day I hope to go to Pokhara to see our friend and fly with those incredible mountains as a backdrop. Well done Simon, you must worship at soooome altar to download the 'Pink Chits' required to get this leave of absence. You seem to drink deep from the 'we only live once' cup.

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The wing being flown in Nepal was a Gin Rebal Race not the Dudek Plasma.

Flying the Plasma in the kind of conditions we were flying in would not have been a good idea, anyway the Rebal has a far better glide/sinkrate than the Plasma.

Yes Norman lots of Browney points required for that trip.

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Hi simon

i think you`v hit the nail on the head m8 flying nepal is a must i was out there aug sep oct 08 .......but then i go there every yr i live there 5/6 mths a yr.08 they were still flying sarankot and landing maya divi in aug which is about the only place i think is okin aug adam hill has it right .....and as for the guy karan i think chitwan would be the place to do power motoring bit like the fen`s flat and open peterborough /cambrigshire........ that being said i think it would cost a few bob to ship a paraglider and paramotor to nepal sure the wing is just hand baggage in a shrink bag , did think about shipping my honda shadow but by the time thay charge shipping and import tax the bike wasnt worth the hassel......so i have to leave it here, but when i get into this paramotoring i think i will ship a flying kit out ..........

if your thinking about nepal again msg me i can tell you we charge 1000 np-rupes b&b per night thats a good rate seeing as we have hot and cold running water 24/7

stay safe fly easy


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