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Icaro helmets


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Does anyone know anything about Icaro helmets?? I have an old full face Icaro 2000 i used to use hangliding i now use it for paragliding but now i am looking for a helmet when i get my motor. I like the TX and the scarab but i can seem to find a dealer. Does anyone know if these are any good?? do the headsets work ok??? can you retro fit a different set of head sets??

thanks in advance :lol:

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Is it one of these?



If so, sweet looking Aero helmet.

For what it's worth, I just use the foam earplugs with my charly insider Free flight helmet since I had it wired for my Vx5r already. Motocomm wiring kit from flytec.com - maybe Simon's shop too? With foam earplugs and the volume up a bit louder it's fine although outside noise isn't likely as quiet as a high dollar/pound/euro setup, it serves nicely enough I see no need to swap out anytime soon as noise isn't annoying even for 3+ hours cruising. Maybe I'd be spoiled if I tried a purpose built helmet...


Do you really need another helmet? Or just want a separate kit?

I like your icaro better than my insider only because I expect to be going 10k faster this season.


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