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Speed riding - something different

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Hello All,

Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi.

Im addicted to anything that gets my feet off the ground, been paragliding for 2 years and last November I purchased a Bailey 175 with a Fusion from Simon, one day conversion course and I am able top increase my annual flying window ten fold.

I spent this winter learning another sport called speed riding, skiing with a 14m wing

Roll on Spring

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Ref You Tube links and any links for that matter... I think you can only post them after your 10th post or something.....

Its to stop people from spamming the site.

Glad to see your happy and having fun!


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I am 81KGS in the buff, so I reckon fully kitted with Skis and a Lid maybe looking at 95kgs

The difference would be akin to comparing a cruise ship to a jetski.

When you pull the brakes you immediately fly out to the side, but it does feel very safe. To be fair I have not had the fusion up that much to really get it going - still trying to grasp the fact that with a squirt of power I can actually go back up instead of always coming in to land.

With speedriding i is also over so very quick, you would be lucky if you get more than a 2 min flight, quite a rush though to be skiing with it above your head and then just ping off the nearest cliff.

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