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Dad needs help! Wot to buy Amy on her 18th?! HELP!!


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Hi Folks. I thought I'd throw this out to the forum and see if I might get some ideas for a present for my daughter who turns 18 on the 6h!! HELP!

I've spent days marching around the shops but just end up wandering home empty handed. We need to pull together here in pilot comradeship and help me out. :shock:

All suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. Oh, buy the way. Amy's already been promised her drivers licence. She just hasn't had the time to begin. Otherwise that would be a good gift.

Cheers !!


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Give her the budget to go on a gap year backpacking and learn about the big wide world before deciding her place in it. It'll be the best education she's ever had and she'll have huge confidence on her return too!

That's exactly what I'm doing for my daughters when they reach 18 or 21!



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I remember being 18 and not knowing what I would do for a living / fun .

People always derive a greater sense of self worth when they acquire new skills

e.g. a course on something she previously expressed interest .

RYA certificate so she can pilot a yacht

Glider Pilot course or perhaps one with an engine

rally driving



kittens and knitting ? used to be popular for girls in the 50's

dare I suggest Paramotoring course with the host SW !!

I am sure you get the jist


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