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flyin xc

Guest leoibb

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wondering i have done aprox 9 hours in the air , most of which was an hour or so flights, and i am possbly thinkin of going on an xc which will be 120 miles across some rough terrain at times with fueling points at certain locations, this will be done with experienced people 200 hours plus, what i am looking for is some constructive responses really oulining why i should or should not go?

i would only do this if conditions were very right, i am aware of notams map reading air space wind shadow, what are the reasons to not go or not go?

i ask this because it was said to me by a person that dont know me at all that i should not go cos of this and that but when it comes to taking advise id prefer to get some real advise from people that can launch a wing and hasnt a big gut and cant run to save his life , in other words i am seeking quality advise but please state the reasons clearly so i can evaluate them..

thankyou boys

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I cant say i do any XC or at the moment fly a paramotor as i have just converted from paragliding to paramotoring...... The bhpa say you are not allowed to fly XC unless you have a pilot rating :roll: I would say that you should go for it!!! lets face it you are going to be flying with other pilots that have as you say 200+ hours if they are fine with you tagging along and are aware of your skill level then whats to stop you!!!! I would say get a buddy and fly with him...

I know as soon as i get a motor and a couple of hours under my belt i will be doing xc..... :lol:

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Hi Leoibb

We keep meeting in these threads now dont we :D

Air chart and know how to read it.



and possibly a GPS

If you are aware of all the legal and safety requirements and you are with experienced pilots then go for it,

this is the ideal time to do it because you will be under the wing (no pun intended) of pilots that have done it before so if you get lost on the map you can just follow the others.

Try to navigate using your map as you will not learn anything by just following others

If flying over rough terrain always make sure you are high enough to glide to a safe landing site if your motor stops, if you cant go high then go around.

ALWAYS have a safe landing site within gliding distance

Pete b

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I find the flying bit is dead easy, it's those confounded take-off's and landings that catch me out. As long as you are flying on a day when you can either be confident of landing and taking off at your intermediate points or have made alternative pick-up arrangements, then I see a cross country as pretty much a non issue.

Be sure you can find your way, as Pete has said, make sure you can navigate by map and compass. If you learn to rely on others or on GPS, you can be sure that either a) they will get lost, or b) your batteries will go flat. Plan your flight FULLY on a CAA chart before hand taking into consideration controlled airspace and danger/restricted areas close to your route, and make contingency plans for things like lost radio comms. It may sound obvious, but don't get too close to each other, you can get bounced around in your mates slip stream or wing vortices.

Never be scared of saying 'I'm not happy' and abandoning the flight or returning to base. It is a well known fact in 'human factors' related to flight, that it is far more likely that a group flying together will make rash decisions, perhaps persisting into marginal conditions, where an individual would not. I am not saying that you or your group would, only that a trend exists.

Make sure clothing is warm/cool enough, keep yourself well hydrated, and relieve yourself just before flight. It is miserable having to keep flying with a full bladder, cos you are with others. If you have access to one, take a SPOT device or sat phone, just in case the remote place you end up in on a forced landing has no cell phone reception.

But most of all, have a really good time :-)

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Agree 100% with Phil (Bloody Hell!) :D

I have only 6 hours but am quite keen to go on a long cross country and have a route planned for when the weather is a bit better, to be honest though most of my flights already have been kinda cross country as I get instantly bored just circuiting my takeoff field so I get up high and fly a few miles across lots of fielded areas and then back again.

Only thing that I would add is that if you do this and you ever feel you are outside your comfort zone and want to abort then you should do so regardless of the inconvenience of others. I get spooked sometimes for no reason at all and wild horses wouldn't get me in the sky, couldn't care less if other folk are waiting or friends have come to watch, likewise in flight, sometimes I just want to come in and land!



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