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Just some waffle,

Weather was poo so no flying yesterday......I did have an exciting afternoon though rounding up a hurd of mini sheep, into an electric fenced area in our back garden (set at the height for horses) so they were just walking under the thing! Anyway, Colin pops his head around the corner and helped me to lower it while running around the outside to keep them in!

Then a fast drive into London and back to help out a mate.

I dont suppose that anyone on here is missing some sheep :lol::lol: They have eaten at least a ton of green grass :lol::lol: I recon the owner did it on purpose to eat my nice green grass :lol::lol:

Sally Ann, I am not saying that they are your sheep, but if you wanted to come and get them back at your leasure please do :lol::lol:


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Hey Simon. You are an incredibly lucky man do you know that? You have not just sheep in your garden you have Wiltshire Horn Sheep. They are a rare breed that died out in Wiltshire in about 1820 and are now part of a reintroduction program. They are an Iron Age sheep which lack the need to flock closely together which is why you kindly provided a few with grazing rather than the whole flock. :lol: ( this option can be quickly and easily arranged)! :D:D The very best part is though, due to foot and mouth movement restrictions they can not be moved from their present field back to fresh grazing near Ashbury, therefore you are providing a animal welfare donation! These sheep do not produce a fleece but moult like a dog. They are however extremely good eating and the best way to conserve a rare farm animal, believe it or not, is to eat them. I can see some lamb coming your way..... :wink::wink:

P.S Anyone interrested to see what made Simon and Weesplat run around you can view Bob and Max on my album. :lol:

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