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newbie from newark

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hi guys

just like most of you i am new to the sport but very eager to get started. i havnt managed to fined anyone to contact in nottinghamshire or lincolnshire and would be really grateful if someone could send me contact details for training in these areas

many thanx


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Hi Matt,

I fly out of Boston in Lincolnshire,I am a founder member of the boston aero club, we have a great club here we have re opened the old boston airfeild, We are a group of paramotor pilots, GA pilots, microlight, and helicopter pilots. If you want to learn more about paramotoring , have a look at are web site, Boston Aero Club, or come on down and see what its all about, you may even get a tandem flight if your lucky.




Paramotor Nirvana Rodeo

Wing Synth 31

Reserve gin one

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I'm in Newark and will happily talk your head off, and scare you to death if you watch me. There are a couple of us who fly from a small strip at South Scarle, Roger, who is much more accomplished than myself, and me, still learning having started in October last year, and a frequent caller on the talents of an aluminium welder!

I'll PM you my contact info.


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Hi Mat

We are The Cloud Hoppers Paramotor Club - just google us ... based in Worksop Notts

Most of us trained with Paul Haxby at AXBSports, who is based at Doncaster ... links to him from our web site (under 'where can I get Paramotor training').

You are most welcome to fly / watch / pop in for a cuppa & a chat etc.

Kind Regards

Brian 'Turbo' Tunnard

Founder: The Cloud Hoppers Paramotor Club

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