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Many Thanks & baqck in the swing...


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So, I am now home and after a good nights kip feeling 110%

Early on the list of things to do has to be to say thanks to the people who have been keeping the site in good order and continuing with the ops manual and instructor training course. I feel so very lucky to have such a top notch team around me and you have all done a fantastic job.

I am back in training mode now but I am waiting for my compact to ruturn from Mali (about 2 weeks) I have the school wings and a Macro to continue training with until then.

I have an inbox full of messages from people who want to start training so if your one of them, now is a good time to call me.

Many thanks to all those who helped while I was swanning around the desert.


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I'll be bringing some sand from my daughters sandpit to sprinkle in your sandwiches and all over your kit, that should keep you in the holiday mood for a bit longer.


The sand was everywhere! I am still getting it out of my ears, nose and kit in general. Even when you buy a lump of bread from a mauritanian person it has sand in it so you can feel the grittyness of it everywhere.

We did have some fun in it though, dune surfing and so on...

My wing will have a few gms of sand in it for sure, I remember taking not less than 500gms out of the skycar wing tips after each launch. The sand was in the air as well as on the ground.

After my first flight in the desert I landed after 2.5 hours of thermaling and chasing Camels to find that the leading edge on my Carbon props had been warn down by about a years worth of normal use in the UK!!


Bring me sand at your own risk :twisted:


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