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Does it really work though??

Not bashing Raphial, it's an elegant design and looks like a much better way to generate torque - but has it ever even run?

I know there are air motoring videos out there, but has it ever been run as internal combustion as intended?

The history of the wankel engine may well repeat itself here, and may be why investors have not stepped up to implement his design.

Sealing, cooling, reliability are all unproven.

If I were Raphial (and had any money left) I would Get an ECU rigged and run this sucker in a real world application.

Truth is, I can blow compressed air through a hydraulic motor and make it spin, but it doesn't make it a multi-fuel internal combustion engine.

I would love to be an uninformed nay-sayer here though, really I would.

I wouldn't expect a redrive would be required with this level of torque.

Prop pitch would be extreme. I'd test fly it if it existed...

Things go pretty quiet after 2006 on his own site.


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