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French Aero-primer


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Just a point to keep in the back of ones mind. The French air force consider the whole of France to be their playground. From experience they tend to fly at 200-400 feet.

Various sources give the following advice:

Please note that most high-speed, low-altitude, military flights are carried out below 1500 feet (above surface) during daylight hours, Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays).

As these flights are not confined to notified danger and restricted areas, VFR pilots are advised to cruise above 1500' ASFC.

Note the 'not confined to...'

Safe flying,


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Good morning Alan.

We have done some micolight flying in france, and as you said it is a bit of a playground for the jet boys, although we haven't personally seen any the friends that we visit have told us about them, how many near misses do they have or report?

Although "not confind to......" do the French like the RAF avoid known flying fields?


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Hi Coggie,

Firstly apologies for any inexactitudes in my posting.

I do not have any info on near misses or reports, sorry. There are over 600 listed ULM (microlight) bases in France so I don't think the French air force avoid known flying fields, as there are so many. During weekdays the ULM activity is going to be pretty low anyway.

The French organisation for microlighting is the FFPLUM. I am sure they could advise if knowledge of activity could be passed to the right quarter. Their number is 0033 149 81 74 43.

I don't speak good french otherwise I would make enquires myself. :oops:

France is split into four 1/2 million charts, I have the South West (Sud-Ouest) and Airvault is on the very top edge. There is a restricted zone above Airvault, reference R149B, from 800 feet ASFC to 1500 feet ASFC.

The site I use for NOTAMs is http://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/ ... aip_uk.htm and this shows


0900-1100: NON ACTIVE for today. What you are supposed to think for the rest of the day I don't know :?: Maybe this is the only time that was considered for today as possibly active.

I live 35 kms outside of any marked restricted zone, the nearest being zero to 1500 feet ASFC, but jets do come over this way sometimes as mentioned previously. The best advice is probably going to be from anyone local to Airvault as to the frequency of occurence, and whether jets stay within 800 to 1500 feet.

Sorry I can't be more precise,


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