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PAP 1100AS with SOLO 210 FOR SALE


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Anyone interested in buying a PAP 1100AS with Solo 210 before I advertise it on ebay?

Its logged 65 hours give or take a couple of hours.

98cm two blade wooden prop in a 110cm cage.

Sup'air harness and the new PAP active arms to counteract torque effect. Low hang points.

Overall good condition but requires a little attention. Sometimes it starts on 2nd or 3rd pull and other times it takes a little more effort - could prob do with a strip down, decoke etc. Runs excellent once started.

I think the bearing on the prop hub is on its way out - probably wouldnt cost much too replace.

Last but not least there is a broken weld where the engine is mounted to the frame - a good welder could fix this no problem - can send pictures if you PM me. Never ever crashed this paramotor so I think the vibration of the motor has caused the broken weld. Generally this cage is bombproof but I guess everything breaks eventually!

This has been a great 1st paramotor for me - provides plenty of thrust to get me off the ground (naked weight is 85kg). I would love to have the time to fix the small faults with it but I have a new addition to the family and time/money are rare just now - also the reason why I am selling it. Sticking to free-flying for now until I can afford to buy a more modern motor.

Can send multiple pics if required - PM me your email address.

Offers in region of £800 please due to the above mentioned work required. Will be a fantastic motor for someone with a little TLC.

Cheers, Joe.

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