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Las Candelas 2009 Video and Stills!

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Great in HD, which camera were you using Stu?

would u believe that was all shot on a panasonic fx37 compact digital camera.

It does 720p video, and it does a pretty good job of it, and lets me take stills inbetween video without having to have 2 gadgets up there with me.


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Sounds impressive.


The lens on the Lumix range is well thought of I gather.

I have a Sony TG3 that does something similar that I am really looking forward to working with.

Really good quality result on the Vimeo clips... top.

Hell, u should get much better quality with the TG3. I've got the CX6/7. Far far better quality than FX37, but then there is the faffing with deinterlacing, and avchd plus the size of the thing. Put in the effort with your TG3 and you will be well impressed.

Thing I like about eh FX37 is that it's the first truely convergent device between video and stills with the HD. Even the TG3/CX6 take terrible stills.

But it is mono sound, rather than lovely 5.1, and there is no doubt that the video quality is still far better on the sony avchd jobbies.

However, the FX37 costs 160 squid.

Dan Burton shot some TG3 footage over there and is posting it next week, so look out for that.

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