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Anyone see the bit they showed on Tip to Tip tonight?

Inside Out, Wednesday 04 February 2009 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Sam Smith reports on the amateur landlords who believe they can buck the economic trend by opening a pub.

David Braine looks at the world of the amateur weather forecaster.

And we follow a group's amazing attempt to fly from Land's End to John O' Groats by paramotor.

Was to be inside out WEST but SKY seemed to only show the London region, anyone have it recorded and can post it for others to see.

Cheers Simon.

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As i am just just getting into the training side of it (when the weather gets a bit better) some of my friends watched with interest to see what i was getting into, now there having a laugh saying i will never be able to do it lol.

I keep telling them it is the extreme end of the sport with the weather etc, i will show em :)

Cheers Simon.

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I just had another look at that clip. All the naysayers and doom merchants, critics armchair and otherwise ought just to watch the DVD. Despite the problems, I think it was a magnificent effort, funny thing - Michel Carnet seems to think so as well.

One evening at Las Candelas, we watched the DVD "Fly another day" on a big


After the trailer at the NEC and some nasty reviews on this forum, I was not

expecting too much.

The Tip to Tip project had attracted quite a bit of controversy and

arguments on various forums.

Dan Burton who organised the filming was there at Las Candelas and I had

asked him lots of questions about the trip itself and the overall flying

adventure of such an enormous undertaking.

Eventually I saw the film and everyone in the room was very impressed.

Great aerial shots from Dan, brilliant ground shots too and the editing was

first class.

It was very clear to anyone watching that the conditions were often far from

ideal for flying and that the Tip to Tip pilots were on a mission.

Some of the bits were inspiring, making me very jealous, and other bits made

me wince, happy to just be spectating.

Richard's singing to soften the turbulence made me laugh.

A great adventure told by a great film.

Well done Dan and co.


I would like to meet this superb pilot one day.... Dan is well impressed with him.

Piers Dent is the guy dangling beneath the flagged up wing!

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