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Flying after snowfall

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I flew today, yippeeee!

I've been colder on non snowy days, but it was quite windy, and at 1000 feet I was going backwards ( I hadn't put my speed bar on ). Vario was showing about zero on the temperature.

It was very bumpy, and I'm wondering if it was actually quite thermic, with the snow covered areas staying cold by reflecting the sun, but the darker ploughed bits were warming up substantially and triggering some quite big thermals (and corresponding sink).

As the day warmed, the strip got quite wet and muddy in places, so the wing is drying as I type, up in the spare room. Also, the muddy conditions were getting very slippery underfoot, so I gave up when I went for my 3rd take-off of the day and nearly slipped over in the blustery conditions.

Before I flew, I had some really successful kiting, and got my trims set so that the launch was really quite easy considering.

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