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Picture competition 2008

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Hi all,

Lets have one picture each from last year posted on this thread, anything paramotoring related from aerial photos to fly-in's - whatever you snapped that you really like that captures the essence of the sport.

no url's please - host your pics on photobucket or similair and use the Img button below to insert your photo in the thread.

I'll get the ball rolling with my dirty boots dangling pic.


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OK, it's a free flying pic, sorry, but I only got my new motor airborne in '09, but this is my best one from '08. Sardinia Aug 08:

A bit more info. This is a picture of me shortly after launching from the 'La Siesta' launch site. Taken by my good mate who agreed to be my retrieve driver for the day. Before launching I spent ten minutes watching a paramotor flying below along the coast. So while this is not the flying centre of the universe there is certainly both good PG and PPG activity on Sardinia. This takeoff site is easy to find about 20 mins south of Alghero in the mountains.


Oh I'm so vain. I actually clipped this from the original so though I'd include the original too. In hindsight think I prefer the original.


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This one's called 'Wind Waiting'

I give up. I can't get the image to show. Any hints?


Hi Alan, you can't link to photos in your PMC album so you have to host them on some third party photo site i.e. http://photobucket.com/ which is free, just upload your pics to that site and copy the "direct link" into your post on here, pressing the Img button before and after the link.

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It's not going to be easy, they are all good, can we have differant categorize, ie: in the air, on the ground, or just plain funny?


Jusy one category at the moment the essence of the sport - and we will be wrapping this up shortly so if anyone is waiting to post - now is the time.

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