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What a day, what a fix....


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of the paramotoring kind. They say this pastime is addictive and 'they' are right.

It wasn't a particularly high or long flight but it was very very enjoyable.

The day started with bright sunshine after a frost overnight. The world always seems a better place when the sun's shining, don't you think?

We even had lunch outside in the bright sunshine, then following on from 'First Photo' I went up the field.

I took my time with the preflight and layout as the wind was performing a little ballet and not deciding where it was coming from.

I got all strapped in and noticed I had an audience of 3 people on the track at the side of the field. Oh no I thought, that is usually the kiss of death for a successful first launch but fortunately I gave a good showing of how it should be done. I even gave out a whoop as I flew over the audience but I don't know if they heard me or not.

I noticed as I was gaining height that there was a bit of an inversion so I decided to climb above it. I climbed to 2440 feet and marvelled at the view. Check out this photo,


the sky was crystal clear and I could see the two columns of steam rising from the two cooling towers of the nuclear power station 50 kms away.

I did a broad circuit of the field and took a photo of Prissac down throught the inversion.


If you look at the photo you can just make out the airstrip at about 8 o'clock half way out from the centre of the picture. The two runways intersect across the field with the hangar on the left hand side.

I had a little pootle around the local area heading towards the village I live in and managed to take a picture of our house,


The part to the left including the porch at the front is what we call home.

I then headed on back to the field and had a great landing, they certainly are getting better, and more enjoyable strangely. I thought what a brilliant flight, I will post it on the PMC site when I get back.

Sorry to those with unflyable conditions at the moment, but hope you get a little buzz from reading this.

Cheers all,


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