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I hope You realize the answer to your question is just a bunch of opinions.

This is like asking what car to buy or what house to buy.

Truth is, only you know your flight goals and requirements.

Overload yourself with details about all of them effectively becoming as much an expert as your level of risk will determine is enough to be sure you are making an informed decision.

Mix in what you plan to do with the motor and consider you may change your focus once you've been exposed to the sport for awhile.

Filter out brands by noise you hear/read about them and levels of after-purchase service you expect/require.

Try some on. Fly some if you have option to.




Sift through the numerous threads already on this board and others.

Basically jam your head full of information and the motor for you will rise to the top.

Good luck with it.

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Depends on your experience and what kind of flying you want to do, but here's a few I've come across.

I'd probably go with the Flat-Top 160 cc mini 4 Simonini at 26-5kgs for your weight, but I would, because I sell them. Very expensive at £5000 but also very safe and stand up well to a few knocks without prop damage. Good power, reliability and economy.

My friends fly the PAP Ross 125 cc. Bit cheaper, good power and economy and weight shift capability but not quite as robust ie. land on your feet every time or you might break a prop.

A cheaper version of the PAP would be the H&E 120. Once again, land on your feet or lose your prop occasionally. Gearboxes are expensive when they need replacing but I guess the PAP ones are too. Again, they have similar weight shift to the PAP.

For a cheap and chearfull I've a friend with a Walkerjet superhawk 210 solo engined unit. Engine is long living. Not hugely powerfull but quiet. Take a few poor landings without breaking props. Sell for about £ 1100 secondhand

In short, they all have their pros and cons. Try a few if you get the chance. If you're down my way I have a Flat-Top 200 but you would need some experience and strength before I let you take it up. One of my friends, at your weight, got on fine with it, first time PPG, but he had 200 hours freeflight experience.

You can pay alot for a good unit. You can spend alot when you've bought a poorer one. You probably know that already.


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I have a Fresh Breeze and am extremely happy with it. It has a solo 210 motor and is well made and quiet in comparison to others. I am also about 80kg and have plenty of thrust.

Fresh Breeze do a Solo Eco model for 2952 Euros. Check out their web site for info.

Just my two pennorth, :D


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Others have pointed at different complete motors, my advice would be to choose the base engine that you would like to use, looking at the various merits of what's available, and then choose a motor unit that uses that engine. You can base your final choice on all those little details that make it such a personal decision. Things like hang point, frame material, prop size and ancillaries.

Despite its various failings, the (in)famous Solo 210 engine has probably been used in more paramotors around the world than any other single engine. It is an old design, and has a bit of a reputation for being hard to start as well as thirsty. However, it tends to be very reliable, and any spares you do need, are readily available. This means there are a huge range of motor units that are built around the Solo.

As you might guess, I fly a Solo based machine, but I am aware that I could do with more power, and the Solo is about at the limit of it's development. If I was to upgrade, I'd probably go for a Simonini engine, possibly just buying the engine/redrive and fitting it to my existing chassis.

Ask ten paramotorists for advice on the best motor, and you are likely to get ten different answers :-)

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well if you can help i,m trying to buy a unit but i,m confused the flattop seems great but i,m new to the sport. I have ben flying fixed wing air craft j-3 j-5 cub for twenty years, and ppgs look like a blast, just found this forum and lots of great info i,m in the us and i,m 5,11 285 lbs or 127 kg what do ya think Dan thanks

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