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Ground handling wing


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Hi All,

There is a ground handling wing on ebay for 100pounds (search for "paramotor wing").

Sorry, I can't get this post to accept HTML, I just get an error message, is there a way to fix that?

Anyway, it looks like a bargain and a good opportunity to get lots of ground handling training. I am a newbie, so I have 2 questions before I dive in and buy it.

Firstly, is this going to give me good ground handling practice for the real thing?

Secondly, does anyone recognize this as one of those wings that was stolen recently? I don't want to buy knock-off gear. :(

I'd really appreciate your comments. :)



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This one?


It's vintage 1993:


But IMHO having a wing that's a dog to inflate and control teaches more about groundhandling then a newer more docile wing that's designed out the difficulty of managing it.

It's probably got a sticky hard point and questionable porosity, but isn't outside the range of reasonable pricing for a ground rag.

If you get your grass stains with this, a new wing will be like a revelation to you when the time comes. Play risers in a reverse like a harp.

Good luck with it.


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