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PMC Instructor Course


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CISM complete, the lads are now getting ready for their departure for France. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the course, they are turning into a great team.

A pleasure to be presented by such good material and ideas from one so professional and knowledgeable

I feel honored to be able to call him a friend, as I do all the others I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with.

Pete b

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Hi Team.

Just like to thank all those involved with the weekend with a special thanks to Norman who has put a huge amount of time and effort into creating programme/programmes of instruction and tasks. This is an incredible piece of work which will function as a foundation for powered paragliding to grow and flourish in a safe, controlled manner.

Having a stucture like this provides quality and consistency of training and progression which will gain respect from all stakeholders as well as outside agencies which will help to secure a future for Paramotoring.

This weekend has made me realise the level of study I now need to do for preparation for the next stage of this course which is less than two weeks away. This two week phase will be both physically and mentally demanding consisting of long days, intense flying under scrutiny, and much in-depth study of all aspects of flight.

Although a little apprehensive I am looking forward to getting on with it.

Speak soon.


P.S. Simon; your final presentation was crap.

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Let me reassure you gents, I use the term 'fodder' with my tongue firmly in my cheek. :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, it was a real pleasure watching our first nascent instructors come together and gel. Both Piers and Paul were present for the whole course. Their input was invaluable, we all got to know each other over the three extremely short days (doesn't time fly when you're having fun) and the prospects for a 'Premier Cru' course are excellent.

I am still not sure what to do with the magnum of Mumm champagne so generously presented. Perhaps if I look at it long enough something will occur to me....

Thanks Simon!

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Drink it!

If you start to look at it, it will do something odd to you... It will make you start thinking about who you can give it too as a gift!

Pop it open and polish it off with some friends is my vote.


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The weather looks amazing down there in Airvault - the forecast for Poitiers is excellent and the Sat looks fab. I think there may be a problem with getting online as the troops were primed to keep us informed. Whitters flew the last 210 miles on the way down by all accounts - the weather was amazing and it sounds like they couldn't keep him in the transport. Bloody typical - hooligan! LOL

I had a phone call from Karan in Varanasi saying hi - he sends you all his very best wishes. The guy is really hot to trot with the Mountain Hawks out there. Nepal anyone? :lol:

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All arrived safe and sound on Sun early evening and got the kit out of car to flying. It was the smoothest air I've ever flown in! Food and accommodation is excellent, couldn't have asked for better. Monday morning was a promising start with everyone attempting the clover leaver with varying degrees of success, followed by some spot landings. However the wind picked up and we were grounded until about 18:00 when we attempted a cross country. Fading light caused me to land out in the large garden of a French house but they were very friendly and invited me in for a beer, which of course I accepted.

Everyone is enjoying the course and Piers is doing a great job with us (got to say that for smarty points!)

It looks like tomorrow is going to have same winds as today so an early start to get some flying in before it kicks in.

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