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Looking for a couple of 'absolute beginners'


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We are running an instructors course in France during either late March or early April and are looking for a couple of extra absolute beginners to join the course as 'fodder' for the Student Instructors.

The course is being run by very experienced instructors facilitating the training of new instructors.

The course is partly subsidised though not fully, we have yet to arrive at a budget figure that will include accomodation and food in a beautiful part of France and not be that far adrift from what it costs to be trained in the UK.

This course is quite an opportunity as it will bring you to the new PMC-PPG1 standard with a great bunch of guys. We anticipate that comraderie on the course will be quite something with around ten people being involved.

If you are interested email or PM me. yossarian22@mac.com Sorry I cannot be more precise with costings detail or dates but this is still 'in the mill' at the moment.

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Looking to start training soon, and can get time booked off from work no problem.

Happy to help out if needed (and if Mark comes down as well I can drive him across if he wants).

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