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Aerofix or The loft

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The loft can be a little less than fast on turnaround, with a bit of a 'you'll get it eventually' kind of attitude. I've not had a service done by Aerofix yet, but their turnaround on replacement lines is very quick, and so far, nothing has been too much trouble.

Next service I am going to try Aerofix. Their courier charge is also less than the loft.

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Which is better and what are peoples opinions? i notice aerofix are slightly cheaper?

I've only ever ordered lines from both companies but in my experience Aerofix's customer relation skills and service was second to none. Whilst the loft seem to have a more layed back kind of attitude and didn't seem quite so keen. Saying that though, I still got exactly what I ordered no problem.


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Aerofix put my upper brake line on in front of an upper c line, when they checked/serviced my wing. I spent ages trying to work out, if I had picked my riser up through the upper lines, until Simon & PeteB said that it had been fitted like that.

The loft, I called Eddie for a line on Xmas eve at 16.00 hrs and on the Monday morning I had got it.


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I sent a reserve off to Aerofix for a repack, also, a Sting glider for testing about 6 months ago.

The reserve was repacked but regarding the glider..

I got a call from Aerofix telling me the glider I was going to buy had failed the porosity test and the recommendation was that the glider stay on the ground as a trainer.

I was a bit Suspicious of this glider as the material was silky and soft, not the crispy stuff rustling in the bag as I was expecting.

Needless to say I returned the glider.

So yes. Thumbs up for Aerofix good quick service


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Still no reply from the loft so they dont need the work then.:?

So I just ordered my lines from Aerofix told them it was not urgent, so we will see how we get on.

Pete b

My new lines arrived this morning :D

And a 10% discount due to multiple lines ordered :D

Great service and thoroughly recommended.

Now to fit them :shock:

Pete b :D

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