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I bought replacement trimmer risers for my swing arcus. These are called powerplay risers which are identical to my current risers but have adjustable trimmers for motorised flight.

I think that by co-incidence these are actually made by swing but because in free flying mode all risers are the same length I suspect they are compatible with different makes of wing.

Hard to describe but there are 2 loops. In 'free-flying' mode the trimmers are locked as your harness carabiner goes through both loops stopping the trimmers from doing anything. In 'motor' mode your carabiner goes only thru the main loop thus allowing the other loop to move depending updon the trim setting.

I compared my replacement risers with those which the previous owner had put onto my mates skywalk chili (to use it for motoring) and they looked identical.

If you think these are what you need they are available from northern-paragliding or the main swing dealer (used to be system X kayaking but I think I read that this has changed recently). I piad £88 ish from northern

Hope that made some vague sense

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the price on there is in euros, but I have seen them elsewhere for about £75

Cheers dave

The only problem is i dont think i can put sting risers on a genie wing? ive been told that the wings are all set up differently? as far as i know eagle are no longer around? ive read on this forum that they are now Dudek? not sure if this is true but if it is i may need to go via dudek?

I have spoke with aerofix and the loft and both are doing there research for me so will keep you all posted (i will not be doing these myself?! i will go through either the loft or aerofix?) :D

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Frazer, I think the only problem you may have fitting those risers is brake line length, I have those risers on mine so we will have to take a look at them when we are next over westmill.

I don't think that is necessarily the case. Remember that the risers will also incorporate the speedbar system. As every wings geometry and line placement is going to be different, you may find that by fitting the wrong risers, when you apply 'bar, the wing could be distorted in unpredictable ways due to the fact that the amount of riser length change may not be what the wing is designed for, specifically the ratio of change between each riser. If you were never going to fly on 'bar, I guess it wouldn't be an issue as the risers at rest seem to be all the same length, but I know it didn't take me long to find I needed bar to penetrate at times.

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