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First thing, THANKS to:


Colin B

Pete B



and a few others ( who know who they are ) for taking care of the site.

And a message to all

As you may or may not know, I am off on the trip of a lifetime with the skycar expedition throungh France, Spain, Morocco, Mouritania, and Mali,http://www.skycarexpedition.com I wil be back in full Paramotor training mode on the 1st of march.

Donatons accepted at the link above, ( no one is making money here, we are just in it for the adventure and fun in life, which some may not understand.) ;-)

I am 110% sure that the members above and a few more will keep the site a nice friendly place to be.

If not, I will remove the knob heads when I get back :lol:

Guys, girls,

Keep it happy! Keep Flying, and think positive always!

I hope to have some awesome pics on my return. (j ust makes you think about life this sort of stuff / the pics to take! )


I am am not off for a day or two but wanted to say it before I go off into the desert. :cool:


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I think the new Laptop that I am using will be dead by the time I get back.

The guys that have been before, (one in a £500 Astra painted in Zebra colours!) said that sand even gets behind the screen of an Ipod!

I am just accepting it as a cost, may be able to claim on my insurance or something when I get back.


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Thanks Simon, I am further south in central France.

If you do get more details that would be good, but don't put yourself out as I'm sure you are very busy.



We hit the A20 at Cahors.


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