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Some of you will recognise yourselves

Guest feliusfog

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Got you Phil. As a film piece it does get across feel of a 'grand day out' though. A bunch of mates having a good time, you can almost hear the banter in the pub afterwards. 'Know what you mean about getting airborne, it will happen pretty soon now and they promise a warm summer this year (yea, right). It is going to be a busy year I think...

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I have to say it,

And its not a brand thing...!!!!

What is it with the tips rolling in on the Plasma??

I have seen it / and got pics a few times, althought it seems to cause no real biggy, it happens.

Anyone got one, whats the score?

Picture of what I mean here http://paramotorclub.org/forum/album_pic.php?pic_id=118 Also seen in the vid above on a seperate occasion (7mins 38 secs)


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