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VHF and RF spark plugs Resistor plugs


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Ive been experimenting with different stetups to try and improve my radio comms with air traffic. Ive been swapping Resistor spark plugs with non resistor plugs and resistor caps wilth non resistor caps. I have been flying with NGK BR 8ES plug (resistor type) and a resistor cap which has given me static noise especially whith the throttle near the antenna.

Today I tried a NGK B8 ES with a resistor cap (5 ohm) and got the best result so far. I still got static when I have the throttle close to the antenna. Perranporth radio was receiving me at R3 but broken.

For some reason placing my non throttle hand near the antenna improves the static problem!!!! I wonder if a different antenna would be better. I know Norman had been doing some work on this but not sure of any outcome.



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