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Jamie Squibb (3 times uk champ) grew up nearby, and used to ride in our woods and I used his place in return. Saw him the other day, when he was about to start jumping over his lorry, covered with ramps, and a huge air cushion. I offered to get him airborn with a glider. Even he said "no thanks. Do you think I look stupid?"

He didn't actually say "no thanks" and I didn't answer his question!!!


His dad had a swing shovel. The ramps got bigger and bigger every few weeks from about the age of 7. I think he's 24 now


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All the videos posted on this thread so far have something in common in that they seem extreme to those who don't do it, but it's all what you're used to.

I heard about paragliding at lunch one day while my current sport was kiteboarding. I later deemed kiteboarding a misguided attempt to fly...

Jamie just needs to wrap his head around PPG and he might become the next world champ - he's certainly comfortable in the air! :lol:

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Me too, :shock: how many years have I known you Malcs and we still aint met face to face :D

Ah, I did spot you on your stand at Weston but you were with the t**t so didn't bother saying hello!

Is my old quad still running somewhere?

last I saw it it was up for sale on adtrip, think the guy kept it in the end as he could not get the price he wanted, I road registered it before selling it and made more than what I payed you for it :D

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