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Cors Air Vortex(PAP) starting trouble


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Anyone any ideas?

My mate's Vortex starts on a new battery 'first flick'. It then wont turn over at all on the second attempt, just a quick in and out of the starter and then nothing. Almost like there's a short on the battery when it's running and draining the battery so it wont start at the next attempt.

Any clues?



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If the starter motor engages then flys back out with a wirring sound or just seems to lock up then I would listen to the decompressor & make sure it is decompressing. I had the same problem with my corsair and a squirt of WD40 down the decompressor pipe sorted it out.

When you next get this problem, put a volt meter accross the battery terminals ideally 13.8V, but as long as it is over about 12.5V the battery should be ok.

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just the job rich.if the hammer dont fix it wd40 it,i sorted a new throttle cable for the bing.just waiting for the fresh brezze bits to arrive. me and pancho r going to c/morten 2morro hill flying wind se.5mph should be 10 on the hill...

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