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altimeter watches


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Suunto X-Lander is my choice.

Vario is accurate enough to maintain level flight, logbook feature, compass, nowt else needed apart from Slim will be here in a min suggesting the Suunto X9i with GPS which you can use to download tracks to google earth - that's also pretty cool.

Check out THIS thread


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Second vote for the Suunto. Very good altimeter, compass is a handy backup to the GPS (remember to recalibrate once in a while) and the barometer function gives you a good idea on trends for weather prediction. The logbook function is handy if you remember to start it, which I never seem to do.

It's worthwhile keeping the quick reference card in your pocket, as some of the button presses to access functions can be a little obscure.

It may seem bizarre, but I nearly always can be found with my posh watch (Breitling for my 40th birthday) on one wrist, and the Suunto on the other. That way, I never get airborne without a decent altimeter, which in my neck of the woods can be pretty vital (local airfield is only about 1/4 mile from a MATZ stub).

It even tells the time with accuracy.

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Wish I could comment on Alt accuracy for the Huger Meteowatch, but I use it more for wind speeds and lean on the gps/vario for alt.


From http://www.geologie-service.de/datenbl/Hu-2000/m8105-e.htm

Does barometric trending, temp, all the stuff on listed on link above.

Beats dragging a pocket meter around and (more specifically - forgetting it at the bank :oops: ).

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done a bit of reading on the net and decided to bite the bullit and get the garmin vista HCX, arrived yesterday, looks the dogs. :D

Good choice - You will love it!

I use the older Vista C and it's a fantastic bit of kit, but it does seem to eat regular batteries. Am considering using rechargeables freshly charged for each flight. Although not critical, I'm a bit paranoid about batteries going flat mid flight.

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Frazer will do.

it does look good, It comes with mapsource for planning all your routes and waypoints etc, what swung it for me was every review I read about it said the barometric altimeter was found to accurate to within ten feet, I am going to get the topo maps for it also. you can also download all your flights to mapsource and then view them in google earth :D

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You've got the eaxactly the same as mine.......its simply wicked!!

Easy to use and has everything you need in a small compact unit.

I attach mine to a velcro strap to my leg.....works brilliant!!! Unfortunately, left leg as the right hand has too many things in it _ throttle and brake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!


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Test it, and review it.

Great that this site can be used to review stuff!

If it's crappy, say so and we won't buy it!

If it's good that chances are we will.


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I will do, everytime I turn it on I descover another cool feature it has, my only gripe so far is the user manual could do with being more descriptive, but most of the features are pretty self explanatry anyway.

I have already planned a nice little cross country in mapsource and as soon as my motor is running I will give it a review

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