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why is this region so quiet?

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Hi Rob,

Perhaps the Branch has decided that they can see little interest in a continued presence on the forum? That may or may not change a little later when the PMC update we have in the pipeline makes its way out into the public domain.

Groups of pilots tend to be fiercely independent and focused entirely on their own activities, for them to gather here there needs to be a motivational influence. Initially that is discovering each other, they get together and start to fly which is a real achievement as paramotoring has tended to be a solitary sport since its inception.

If that is all we ever achieve then it will be a fine thing by itself.

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well if anyone in the region reads this post (Teesside, Durham & Tyneside have to be included here as they dont have their own area forum) then please let me know where you fly from. I would love to come along just to stand in the field and watch you guys get yourselves airborne. I havent seen a paramotor at close quarters since I saw one flying over the beach in Spain some years ago. Id be interested in just talking to people about it initially as I need to weigh up whether the sport is for me

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Events are being are organized we tend to keep in contact by phone as not all of us are

on the net , as things progress Trevor will keep you advised on how things are going.

I have not been on the site for a bit as wife + I have had our first bourn 13 months ago but looking for a better flying year this year.


P.S. Kids are ACE . :lol:

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