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flying 2day


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Got a call from norbertflyer he was at t/o feild, I loaded up the car and joined him.he was having probs starting his 3cyl koing got it going and of for a fly.I got ready wing up, run. not going on to full power.had a look at carb furry crap in carb fired it up but wouldnt go to full power.will put new gaskets on the w/j solo. on tick over it misfired but middle revs where ok.i need full power as im a fat git.. The wind was a bit strong as norbertflyer was going backwards on his return, pics on album later///

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Hey Jock. What weight are you getting off the ground with that WJ solo Superhawk and with what wing? Got one here that a mate wants me to fly before him but I'm 16 stone. I doubt it will lift me even with a good wing.

Bet your mates Konig 3 cyl sounds good!


My Solo powered Adventure F3 got me off the ground, pre weight loss at about 18 stone.

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15 stone at the very top of the range for t/o im useing my paraglider wing 90-110 dhv2.I did fly a mates solo fresh brezee and got of the ground easy it was standard like mine.16 stone u will have problem taking of unless u have high power exhaust/ BIG head.Think i will get a bing carb with float bowl they seem to work well,The solo is best around 80-90 max.i will clean the carb and put fresh petrol in it first.i topped up the fuel that was already in it .It was prob off.the koing sounds very nice.richard has owned it from new 11yrs and flown often,he is thinking of buying a otto ppg. In standard form the solo is about 14hp with the high power exhaust /head/bing carb about 18hp i think/// the only way to find out is try it but with a bit of a brezze if u do get of the ground climb rate will be very slow..have fun////mine has a 120 prop///also got a wingman harness to try with if there any torque turn/////

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blimey was that with a 120 prop and 1 in ten hill.what wing did use ////

An Arcus in XL and a 44 inch GSC ground adjustable set at about 12 degrees to give me 7200 rpm. I do have the tuned pipe and oversize head though.

I am now down to 105 kg, which is almost bang on 16 stone (naked). Boots, helmet and other clothing will add about 5kg, avionics and reserve another 5 kg.

A full fuel load of 10 litres, plus another 4 litres reserve comes in at 10kg

The motor itself, empty about 32 kg

This gives an all up weight of 157 kg, translating to 345 lbs, or a little over 24 1/2 Stone

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Jock's motor was 'a poppin' and 'a bangin' like mad at the end. He was also able to hold it one handed - no power at all. Funny though, it did sound great when he first started it up. Wierd. He told me the The fluff found in the carb was about 10% of the size of fluff found in Jock's belly hole..... I think a decent carb service will solve it though (The motor, not Jock).



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