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looks interesting


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I'd give it a go, but would definitely require refuel points. I'm rather surprised there don't seem to be any planned in. Even if I somehow managed to stretch my endurance to two hours, then 25 ish mph isn't going to cut it. If I use 'bar to increase speed, there is no way I will get that two hour endurance. Either everyone is flying much more efficient wings than me, or there are an awful lot of over ten litre tanks.

Oh if the devil were to cast his net on THAT day! :twisted::twisted::twisted:

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I know Mike. Spooky eh? I'm sure if you cram some hours between now and then you will be fine.

They are looking for suggestions or offers for re-fuelling sites. Is there anywhere near Swanley/Brands Hatch that fits the bill? The route goes through that way on day 2.

Best regards,


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Havent been idle mate, I have been trying to get hold of the head chappie at Brands hatch with a view to using the overflow car park as a possible refuelling site? No luck yet.

I have also made some approached locally and still trying. Its mainly all arable farm land and the event seems to be happening at the wrong time of year?

One or two people have been concerned about numbers flying or wanting to use their land, I am not able to be more specific.

But there is time yet and I hope to be able to get something.......................I am also gunning for a permanent site for the Kent club.

Watch this space.


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Just talking about an acquaintance of mine and Mike1714's who has had a spot of bother but is now OK.

Didn't appreciate that a bit of idle gossip about someone that none of you know would get you so excited!

Should've kept it for a PM.

Apologies again - Back onto the Paramotor Rally Around London topic, which I would love to do and really does sound interesting!

Best regards,


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Lets keep our fingers Xed for them to get a late start or an early one tomorrow maybe?

The weather is for sure the most difficault aspect of arranging any XC in advance like this.

Fingers Xed to all involved!


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all, l got there about 8am and it was blowing about 17mph with little gusts and complete cloud cover, but about half a dozen went up about 10ish for a jolly with no problems. The main briefing was at 1115 by Michel and Laura and shortly after that about a third got away. There were organised fuel stops including two additional ones 'cos of the high winds. If l heard right there were slight problems around the Reading area.

There were a lot of pilots just flying around Barry's field, me included (the Motor behaved itself but it was quite bumpy when l was up) l was glad when i did fly as about ten minutes after landing the winds really picked up again.

The rest of the pilots on the trip decided to drive to the half way point (a microlite airfield) About 1630 any remaining pilots either camped for the night or left.

All in all a great first day.

Mike. :D:D:D8):lol:

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