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Apco Thrust HP 09 Small (Stealth)


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Hi Folks,

I Just wanted to post a review of my new all Black HP Thrust 09 Small. One word...FAST!! :P

I had a black medium Apco thrust HP 2008 but I just couldn't keep up with the guys on theirs (due to my weight as I am 12 stone and they are beef cakes at 16/17 stone)

So I contacted Gilo and ordered a small thrust HP 09 and thought while I was at it, sell my volution compact and get a Jet black Macro to add even more weight.....the package for me is perfect and well worth the wait...

The guys......all they can do is eat my 2 smoke :lol: ..........this tea towel is fast! The handeling is awesome, my 08 was responsive but this is incredible, you only have to breath on the brakes and it will turn on a dime! It also has flexi batterns in the cells to keep them rigid when launching; the first time i did a forward, it came up that fast, before I could turn the engine off the wing was lying in front of me, that was in very little wind as well! Launching and ground handling is effortless due to it being no bigger than a tea cozy....

Sink rate seems excellent for its size, a quarter throttle on the macro is level flight.

Landing is quicker as one would expect but perfectly managable.

I haven't yet plucked up the courage to try it on speed bar.........and according to Apco, that is where the Thrust HP comes alive..

So folks, if you are in need for speed and want to ground handle a park kite........ get a small Thrust HP 09!

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