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top 80 power problem


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can anybody help,i have a pap top 80 paramotor,when i rev the motor up to full power(9700 rpm) after about 20-30 seconds the power slowly starts to drop off down to about 5500rpm, it ticks over ok, when i give it full revs again the same thing keeps happening, i have cleaned fuel tank and put fresh fuel in, changed primerbulb and fuel lines, new spark plug,checked read valves,removed and cleaned all of carburetta and jets,changed filters and diafram, still the same problem,i have been told it may be a coil breakdown,has anybody had this problem, if so, what is the solution, any help is apreciated,thanks chris....

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thanks for your reply, yes i have cleaned out the guaze filter every time i have removed and cleaned the carb, thanks chris

Double check that

you have not got any kinks in the fuel line to restrict flow.

The air vent to the tank is clear.

There are no air bubbles in the fuel line going in to the carb(at high rpm)

If all the above are 110% ok then

Start it up and run flat out at what ever rpm it runs to then hit the kill switch and stop the motor keeping the throttle fully open.

Take the plug out and check the colour?

If it is running lean then check the metering valve.

If it is NOT running lean then check

Coil ? get a replacement to try

Exhaust blocked (cut end off and check) or borrow one to try

Pete b

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