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re. dead battery


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Posted up on 12 Dec about flattening battery on Parajet Ti... Traced fault through to starter motor so took it off ( after removing engine etc ) and found one of the brushes had stuck with obvious heat build up around it.. anyway i freed it off and tried it but its got no power at all.. Been on phone to Parajet and they reckon its from a dodgy batch so am ordering a new one..Bloody frustrating when the weathers right and you cant fly!! I ll let you know what happens !

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My advice is don't.

It's very high risk and if it get's you it will bite.

People do though.....

Well was so desperate to fly i did try to bump start it but what with the high compression and the dodgy delicate carbon props it didnt like it...and as soon as it hit compression the belt squeeled and slipped..something was going to break...or be chopped off!!..Anyway i fitted the new starter motor and BINGO !! perfect every timeW :D

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