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Planning Volunteers needed


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Tip to Tip 2008 was in every way a massive learning experience. There will be a de-briefing session soon that we hope will extract as much as we can from LE-JOG. Those pearls will be ploughed into the Australia 2010 effort so that we evolve a great expedition rather than trust to the Gods for a survivable one. Not that 2008 was planned that way, it wasn't but this Oz gig will be.... something else entirely.

The giant is awake, the eyes open and breath is being drawn - the expedition is alive.

Patrick Brook and I are heavily engaged in collating the information needed to answer the When, Where, How and Why questions that Patrick needs before making his approach to the Australian High Commission with the move that will generate the first steps toward Melbourne in 2010. Others - Tracy for one have been at it for a while filling in other blanks.



Now, to our point. There is a lot of research, most of it web based needed to flesh out the bones of the route and provide a strong background picture for the Planning Cell. The climatology is being looked over as we speak, but the detail of the route, the population centres, the people in them and the facilities they will have available to us are at the moment waiting to be discovered.

The person(s) who do this research and fill out the bigger picture for us all will need to be resourceful and imaginative, have Google and Google Earth fluency and will ideally be able to creat .kml and .gpx based files for display on GE. They will also have some familiarity with FTP/website procedures and be able to administer a (already set up) blog powered by Wordpress.

None of these individual skills is particularly complex but put together they form quite a package.


  • Do you have some or all these skills?
    Could you collaborate with a small team across the web using Skype?
    Do you have sufficient spare time to help this project along?
    Are you fascinated by the Earth and motivated to provide quality briefing material for the 2010 team?
    Does looking at superb graphics of the Australian wilderness make your heart beat faster?


If so, think long and look once again at what you might be letting yourself in for.... and if you are still interested drop me a note via email only please expressing your interest with an outline of your skills. Doing this work will not earn you a cent nor will it secure a place on the team going to Melbourne, but we will make sure your efforts are properly acknowledged and due credit given. Oh and er.... a seat at the party at the end in either Sydney or Melbourne which might be BIG!



PS: Pictures used for drama, the weather will be muuuuch nicer than this..... it says so in the brochures. :roll:

Click on me!


Passing Mount Isa on the GE graphic.

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Hi Dan,

Sorry it took so long to reply to your post. I would stick with the Cams! LOL

I have had to withdraw from the planning process for Oz - I am a little overcommitted and need to draw a breath. Simon has had loads of notice and has alternate planners in hand for this major task.

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Just to clarify,

Duncan from tour de force... will be helping.

Tour De Force was created by experienced adventurist Duncan Milligan – a man who has never had a proper job in his entire life and is very proud of this fact. Having clocked up a fair number of hours behind the wheel in more weird places than he cares to remember, Duncan has been bogged up to the axles in every type of sand, sludge and excrement known to man. Not to mention breaking down (both mentally, physically, and mechanically) in all manner of deserts, mountains and jungles. In creating Tour De Force, Duncan aimed to bring this vital experience to those with outlandish enough ideas to really need it.

That was then, and now Tour De Force is big and ugly enough to bring together a whole range of people and skills under one extraordinary large and oddly shaped roof. Still under the oversight of Duncan.

As a business, Tour De Force has offered practical help on everything from event and production management, to adventure logistics, trip planning and onsite support. Specialising in those projects which make most adventure companies go ‘I’m sorry, I must of misheard, you want to do what? . . . . ‘ .

As you can imagine, we also put together a fairly interesting presentation.

So whether you simply have an idea sketched on the back of a beer mat, or an on-going project short of vital experience, enthusiasm or confidence, we would love to hear from you.

see the site http://www.tourdeforceuk.com/


Patrick B who has a huge welth of knowledge and expereance globally. As an Ex Brig in the forces he gets stuff done! In the main Patrick will be working with Australian autharaties and the paperwork, filming visas, and so on.

I will also be on the case of course, mainly continuing to raise sponsorship for the event. (this is already going well) (contact me if your interested in helping with this bit) Dan maybe you could help with that a bit?

Things are happening, just what with the Skycar trip and now France for 2 weeks, I have not had time to update the forum as much as I woulod have liked.

Norman, you have done / are doing a top job with the ops manual and am more than happy that you are carrying on with that. (sorry its taken up 18 months of your life already!!!!) I could not have produced what you have produced in a million years, let alone organise an expedition to Australia at the same time! Not forgetting of course your very full time day job and wife.....

All is good, and happening. (I am at the stage where I start to get butterflies every time I think about it. :?

Cheers all.


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