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Newbie in North Notts

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Hello all, just registered to this amazing forum,. I have to be honest I have been reading parts of this forum for a few weeks now, so I dont feel like a new newbie (if you know what I mean!).

I have already had a couple of lessons in the last two weeks with Paul Haxby at AXB, very nice man, he has a heap load of patience in all different kinds of ways. I feel very lucky that I have tried a few sports in my time, the problem I have in every instance is I want to run before I can walk, very much an eager beaver. (hence me saying Paul has a lot of patience) but I do like a person who doesnt diversify from structural, methodical training. (Iam not related to Paul!!! HONEST!!)

I have already had my first flight which was MEGA!!!

And Iam hoping santas bringing me an APCO Thrust Wing and an AXB motor unit (fingers crossed).

Just waiting now for a decent weather window to do more ground handling.

Does anyone know of a launch/landing site near Worksop North Notts area???? Many Thanks. Major Holdups

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Hello Major, I am in the same boat as you in that I have had my first flight and am eager to get back up there, all I can say is keep up the ground handling even once you are flying reguarly, in the book powered paragliding bible, the auther Jeff goin quotes "to master kiting is to master launching" wich I took to heart and got in as much ground handling as possible and will carry on doing so, good luck with the rest of your training, do you have anyone near you who is at the same stage as you, as I found when training its good to do it along side others as you can swap ideas and experiences wich makes the whole process more enjoyable.

cheers, Dave.

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Thanks Guys for all your advice, have now been in touch with Brian at Cloud Hoppers hopefully going to meet up soon with them. They are hoping to fly tomorrow, jammy g!ts, ive got to work!!!!

I couldnt help noticing that a lot of you were having xmas doo last night, hope all had fun, and the bowling green is still pristine!!!!

Thanks Again. Mat. (The Major).

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