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Back-up for Carabiner failure


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I've been reading loads online about carabiner failures and there seems to be pros and cons for all types - ally, steel, pin locs etc. Many are better than others but NONE are invincible to failure of some description it seems - be it through misuse, human error or metal fatigue.

With this in mind I have purchased the Sup'air Connect 'harness to riser' links and will be using them as a back up should my conventional carabiner fail on me. For £16 per pair and 24 grams there is no sacrifice apart from the small amount of extra time it will take to hook up - negligible really!

They can be used alone as 'harness to riser' link for lightweight fanatics with a higher breaking strain than alloy carabiner so they are perfect for the job. Link below. Anyone else done this?

http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/product_inf ... cts_id=382

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