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Revolution Riser Repairs ??


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Having untill recently stored my wing in my gargage I found to my horror that mice had chewed a small hole in my stuffsack (Which I can live with) but of more concern had started to chew through the riser on one side.

Although only a few strands this is where the risers connect to the hang point on the paramotor.

Where can I get this fixed ?.

I guess the optimum fix is to get a complete new riser set (one only) .

Off to buy a cat

:x:x Eddie

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I would just go for a new set myself...

That is a reminder to all that the mice are coming in for the winter now, they just love nice warm paragliding wings in a cold garage.

There is no real way to stop them, I tend to hang my kit off the floor making a a less attractive nest.

Little blighters!


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