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Am looking for an XL Antea, like the one in that video, if i cant lose weight soon.

If you are serious about losing weight, try and find a 'Lipotrim' suplier near you. You only eat their little sachets of soup or other stuff, and not a huge range of flavours, so quite boring, but if you stick to it, it works. I've stopped for over Christmas, but have lost over 30lbs in the last couple of months.

I do have an interest, but only insofar as SWMBO sells the stuff from her pharmacy, and runs a clinic on weight loss, but we'd not gain anything from you buying elsewhere.

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I've lost 4 .1/2 stone in 10 months just by eating mainly "real" (unprocessed) foods, it's all about quality not quantity, just keep an eye on how many calories you're consuming.

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Losing weight is hard work and you don't get to eat everything you want......... could you two not have bought bigger wings and a more powerful motor :!:

Simon, I think a new Forum header is required... 'Tips & Adivce on Weight Loss' perhaps

Well, I probably could have got a more powerful motor, but my wing is an XL already, and I believe big enough for tandem (and if that doesn't make you feel podgy, it should). The combo did get me off the ground, but now my take off run's are shorter, and I don't feel completely bo**oxed for my first five minutes in the air. My climb rate is better and I use less fuel. I'm fitter and healthier and I'm out of 'obese' and now just 'overweight'

If I get to target, the new wing will be a smaller one!!!

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