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I Want a wing


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I would always recommend a Reaction as a personal choice as would others recommend their personal favourite. I find the reaction are very safe,rock stable and have a good speed range. Unfortuantly I cannot comment on any other wings apart from hearing people's reviews that I have flown.good luck and any questions regarding this wing please feel free to ask


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Frazer, if you've already flown and perfectly landed that 28 Revo then I'd go with that and bite Simon's hand off, at least you already know what it does and more importantly what you can do with it.

I did my first two flights and all my training on a slow safe wing and the speed of the Revo looked a bit scary to me so I played safe with my first purchase and bought an ITV Dakota which I find lovely and simple but I do get left behind when the Revos are up with me, not that it bothers me as I fly purely to float around and look at the scenery!

Just my tuppence worth!

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Im now looking for a wing so what should i aim for? I want slow and easy as im a newbie and i weigh 105kgs?

Ideally be looking at second hand but brand new is an option?

Thanks in advance! :D

whilst you are looking you know you are always welcome to use my motor/wing :D

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Hi Ed

Yes mate it was money?

Revos seem a great wing but i dont have a spare £1500!

The genie has fairly similar performance albeit a bit slower but i was able to get a good 'first' wing. No doubt once i have a few more hours under my belt i will be looking to upgrade


I think you have made a wise move. My first wing was also a used non-reflex and I learnt loads from it. Being slower will improve your odds on take-off and landing and give you more thinking time to abort.

Also, if it does you wrong, being a bit slower means a LOT less energy (someone will know why) pushing you at the ground. I know all about :oops: slow being the best way to crash.



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