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Wonderful afternoon flight


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Checked the meteo, brilliant, low to nil wind this afternoon. Looks pooh for the rest of the week with too much wind and/or rain.

Right, today it is, need to get wrapped up as its only 7 degrees C. Put on my 'long johns' and double layer trainer bottoms, also take wind proof over trousers.

Pack the car up with the usual kit plus balaclava, two pairs of gloves and extra pair of socks. Set off for the field, only 4 miles away, the weather is fantastic. Sunny sky, very little cloud and high up.

Assemble the motor, pre-flight, warm it up - great no problems. I am watching the wind streamers and the 1-2 mph is moving about through 90 degrees. Decide on the most likely direction and lay out the wing then clip to the suspension on the motor.

Now it's dress up time, 2nd pair of socks, over trousers, body-warmer, windcheater, balaclava, headset and helmet and finally 2 pairs of gloves. Such a palaver, but heh it's cold and the conditions are good.

Strap in to the harness, stand and start the motor, look at the steamers and pleased I did chose the right direction. Push forward for launch, look up and see a partial frontal collapse. Power on full and run, run, run and it inflates, keep running and feel the lift, dab the brakes and I'm flying, brilliant. I can't get enough of the feeling of satisfaction when the first attempt comes good.

I climb out at a nice steady 200 feet a minute and decide to head roughly into wind and overfly some villages, Le Chatelier, Sacierges-St-Martin and finally St Civran, about 6kms away. There is a private moated Chateau in St Civran which I haven't seen from the air.

There are prominent water towers on route which act as good landmarks.

It's funny how things look so different from the air, I've driven this route on many occasions but couldn't remember passing one of the water towers right next to the road between villages. I veered off towards another water tower then realised I was not heading towards Sacierges-St-Matrin so corrected the course and recognised the road junctions once overhead. During the flight so far I have seen a handful of vehicles on the roads but no people about, mind you we are very rural.

I look ahead and can't quite decide in which direction St Civran is, so trying to remember what the map looks like I head ENE. Finally I spot the moated chateau and am surprised it doesn't stand out as much as other chateau's in the area. The moat is full of weed at the back and there are two bridges over the moat, this is not visible from the road.

Right, decide to head back now so turn 360 and think 'where are the water towers that were such prominent landmarks on the way out?' The sun is now in a totally different direction and I can't see them, oops! OK so I head in the general direction I think is right and start thinking 'have a look behind and see whether the village looks the same as when approaching'. Oh dear it doesn't. I have now drifted some distance to the north but fortunately recognise another village, Luzeret. Phew, it is an easy route back to the field from here as the road is straight for some distance.

This isn't saying I'm not enjoying the flight, the air is really smooth and no traffic to be seen, apart from some commercial heavies really high up. The flight back seems to take a while, probably because I'm starting to feel the COLD. As I pootle along looking at the sheep and the cattle as little specs I'm thinking boy my fingers are feeling cold and I'm beginning to shiver.

I spot the field in the distance and think 'much as it's nice up here, if I'm going to make a habit of this I must get some better gear'.

Once close to the field I throttle down to loose some height, do a couple of lazy S's then land on my feet and drop the wing to the side, whoopee. It's surprising how warm I feel once I am out of the air flow.

Pack up the gear, drive back home, couple of beers downed and I'm feeling......well how do you describe the elation of taking your simple flying gear and beating gravity to non flyers?

All you flyers out there will know the feeling, and many congratulations on the recent flyers from this week-end just passed.

Safe flying,


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Sounds like you had a great flight.

Although this will come across as a plug for something in the shop, its only because they are amazing gloves!! I was flying in -3 last week for about 40 mins and my hands were toasty when I landed... I have had a few more very cold flights since and they are just brill!

They are a little pricey but, your hands stay warm.

http://www.paramotorclub.co.uk/catalog/ ... 711f5c7195

Carry on the winter flying.. its the best time of year for silky smooth air.


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Had a great flight the other day. Not just because it was my first flight for weeks and it was Gin clear in near nil wind conditions but also because the MATZ no longer exists at Newquay (St Mawgan). Better than that not even an ATZ, it is class G at the moment whilst it is closed. :D

I flew along the North coast over Newquay and then over the runway. It felt very wrong for some reason which added to the enjoyment. Unfortunately I had to stay at >2500ft because everyone else had the same flight plan. Microlites and cessna aircraft all buzzing arround below a thousand feet.

I would love to footdrag the runway!!!! Would that be naughty? I could say I had an engine fault and was planning an emergency landing then it started again. :twisted: What do you think :?

It was 2 deg at 2.5k and my hands and feet were freezing after 100 mins. Cheap gloves from e-bay. (Buy cheap buy twice).



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sounds great, me and Frazer were doing some ground handling over at westmill and we commented on how perfect the conditions were about an hour before sunset, the sky here was pretty clear with any cloud being way up high and a beautiful red sunset wich light up the sky, would have made for some cracking photos.

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Alan -

Sounds like an amazing place to fly.

I know the feeling of butterflies when you are momentarily lost, and the buzz when you then recognise where you are!

Nice report!

Whitters -

They might not believe your emergency landing excuse now!

Best regards,


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I had the best 3 flights in ages on sunday,absolute perfect conditions skimming the ground,watching wild deer from up above, flying through an old river bank dividing two fields! love it

outcast,frazer and ben you must be ready to fly now surely?? you dont want to miss the perfect winter conditions when we do get them! I may pop down westmill soon, take it easy guys 8) b

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