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Best ever flight!


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What can I say? After my scariest flight on Tuesday which saw me being kicked all over the sky for 10 minutes by vicious air until I could get back onto terra firma, todays flight could not have been more of a contrast.

I arrived at the flying site near New Romney, a few miles from the Kent coast on the Romney Marsh. I have had permission for some time but due to the weather and closer sites this was my first flight from here. The site is a closely mown turf field which is manicured to perfection. The temperature was a crisp 2 deg C and there were a couple of big machines on the edge of the field ripping up and burning the hedgerows. Sad to see but it did make a perfect wind meter! Wind was 3mph from the NW, which meant that it had a few miles of blowing accross the billiard table sea level marsh producing a very laminar flow.

NW is perfect because about half a mile south is Lydd airport airspace and the exclusion zone for Dungeness nuclear power station!

With the digger operators watching I was glad of what felt like a perfect launch. I continued to climb straight into wind up until 1000ft then leveled off. I then headed for the new 26 turbine wind farm near Rye which is impressive to fly over. Then over to the Military Canal which I followed for a few miles, climbing to 2000ft in the hope of rising above the inversion to warm my by now numbing throttle hand! At this point I was a good few miles from the field but the smoke from the bonfire was still visible. Not just a perfect wind gauge but also a superb homing beacon to the unfamiliar field! By this time I had been in the air for 40 minutes of a planned hours flight so turned for home towards to smoke.

Feathered the throttle and gradually bled off height until I was over the field at 500ft. A quick circuit to gauge the wind was then followed by a tip toe stationary landing next to the windsock! A perfect flight and not a single bump - Lovely

The old boy in the digger made a beeline for me with such a grin I could hardly believe it. I love the reaction from people who have never seen a paramotor before. It seems him and his mate had assumed that I had run out of petrol as they hadn't expected me to be away for so long!

Unfortunately the guys were ripping up the hedges to prepare for the field to be ploughed :( . Will be speaking with the turf company manager on Monday to hopefully arrange an alternative field, so fingers crossed.

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Thanks, it was a great day.

Not as good as your day yesterday by the sounds of it - Congratulations on your first flight!

If anyone would like to join me on a flight in this corner of the country, please don't be shy to get in touch.

Best regards,


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Well after having a couple of interesting flights that put me through my paces or should I say a flights that beat me up I finally had a good one!!!

Early this morning I got my shit together and took off at 7am. It was a gorgeous flight with only one or two bumps!!

I have to say even my landing improved and I was on my feet but forgot to turn round and set my wing down, instead it came down over me.............so what!!

The horsey people turned up(who let me use their field) and I gave them the obligatory wave.

They were loaded and gone by the time I returned which was good as I didnt want to startle them............................with my interesting landing.

More good weather and I should have this flying lark nailed!!!


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Sounds like you are enjoying this flying malarky!!

Yeah, horses have an intgeresting reaction to wings. I ground handled my small training wing at my in-laws place where my wife and her mum keep their horses. Fair to say that it got their attention!!!

Will hopefully have my motor back early next week so will have to meet up.



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Chomping at the bit Ian, chomping at the bit!!!

I really am hooked...................................aren't we all?

Let me know when you get your motor back. As we will hav eto get some flying in.

I met the farmer across the Road and he was having some kit demonstrated for him, looks like he is going to get some flying in..........perhaps we could tag along?

Spoke to the guy who was selling the kit, he is an instructor and comes from Sevenoaks and arranges flights locally I think he used to be part of the old Lemmings mob.


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