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Playing on the Fusion 23


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I am no writer but had to say how much fun this is :D:D

I finally got to try out the Fusion today two words come to mind F*c*in hell. :D

The wind was approx 3-5 mph so set up for a forward and fluffed it :oops: (bloody gloves) a little embarrassing as two trainees on their first flights had just executed two perfect forward launches, Very well done gentlemen.

The second attempt was a little better but pulled too hard on the As which caused a slight frontal collapse but ran it out and got air borne, at approx 30-40 feet I put in enough brake to do a nice tight right turn on the reaction that I normaly fly and ended up at 90 degrees to the horizon :shock::shock: which worried me at first but then realised that it was not losing height so let the brake back up and started to gain some height. :)

Since the Tip 2 Tip I get bored just floating around in one place so If I'm not going on a jolly then I play around down low.

This is the wing to play on It will carve a tight turn throwing you out at 90degrees to the horizon and does not seem to lose any height brake up and bang the other one in and off the other way you go at 90 degrees.

Slow it right down and you can feel the stall point no problem.

Full power with loads of brake and you just look at the sky and climb.

Very responsive on the brakes but not overly so.

Take off and landings are slower than the revolution even though I was on the very top of the weight range for this wing

I could say more but do not know how to put fun, awsome, :shock: and I WANT ONE NOW in to words.

:!::!: (do not try any of this unless you know what you are doing) :!::!:

Pete (I WANT ONE NOW) b :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

And still smiling now.

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