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Hi everyone! (From Surrey)

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Finally, I'm 16 (last month) :) . So, what route should I go now, I'm looking for instructors, around Surrey, and also in Wiltshire, as I will be staying there for Christmas. I'm also looking for a ground handling wing, as I can practice on my school's field :twisted: . Also, when should I be considering in buying my kit? I'm looking at something like a Parajet, can somebody shine some light on it? Can people please point me in the correct direction if I'm doing anything wrong, or if I need anything else.

Thanks :wink:


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Hi Rocky, what part of Surrey are you from? l live in Farnborough but fly mainly in Lambourn, Berks. As for kit, the Club in Lambourn instructs students on the Clubs own kit. and once proficient the instructor will point you in the right direction for what kit you may need taking into consideration your weight and how much it would cost.

If you ring Simon or Colin (the numbers are on this forum) they can introduce the sport to you and explain any relevant information.

If you would like a taster day and need a lift down to Lambourn, again give Simon and Colin a ring to arrange with me or any other Surrey based pilots.

Regards Mike

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:lol: Of course :!: I want to come. I'm in CLFS, Ashtead. A lift would be very much appreciated! Is it on Saturday or Sunday? I have a rugby match on Saturday, but I'll be around at 12:30, if its not too late. :?:

The weather forcast is looking good for the weekend! :twisted:



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