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weesplat's landings


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Hi All,

Just to announce that at last I got my long run of landings ending up on my arse sorted out.

Took off on Sun evening and had a flight to the white horse and back. Came in a bit high so some mini wing overs to lose some height, leveled off, bleed some speed off and done a perfect stand up landing right on the spot I took off from. 8)

Must admit that some air punching and whaaahooo's were indulged in. :lol::lol:

Chris Holly was there to witness this wonder and Dean got some photo's he hopes to post soon.

Thanks to Rob for the tips he gave me Sat they helped a lot. :idea::idea:

Cheers Col......

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I picked up a tip that I hadn't fully clocked from Simon the other day (shortly before ploughing the field with my cage). He said, "Aim to touch down at a little above walking pace. Moving forwards when you touch down means that you don't need to judge things so finely and you won't get pulled backwards by the wing if the wind catches it as it collapses." Profound I thought...

I found that though handy to contemplate when musing over my next landing.

Well done Col, pleasing isn't it when it all comes together in the end? You do sound chuffed!

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Thank you all,

Although my landings in general are much better now they ar'nt as consistent as I would like so when this bout of naff weather clears and opportunity to fly is there, some circuits and bumps will be the order of the day till consistancy is aquired.

Chris the cheque is in the post :D .

Dean cheers for capturing the moment for posterity the photos are great.

Pegasus I'm sure you will get in the air soon and your landings will be a breeze.

Take care all and I'll see you at the flying field soon.

Cheers Col......

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