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Next Year a Good Year for Flying!!!


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That got your attention didnt it!

Whilst talking to the organiser of the USSR event he informed me that he has it on good authority that next year will be a good flying year because.....

it will have 13 full moons, lol

apparently the last two years have only had 12 each!

hmmmm im not convinced, but if he is correct i will have learned something! :D

what do you guys think?

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I have also had a chat with him.

We had a conversation about how the paramotor club can get involved, by that I mean its members. Loads of ideas and ummmm stuff.

Nice bloke


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yeah he said that he was going to try and arrange BMAA membership for the duration of the event for insurance purposes.

I thought it strange that the BMAA would organise such an event after they stopped training and passed it all over to the BHPA. you would think that they would have done it, or at least joined forces!

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I like this site for a very basic guide to long range stuff....http://www.netweather.tv

January in a nushell - the high pressure anomaly in the Atlantic is being shown further south which is likely to result in low pressure systems approaching the UK on a more regular basis - this is exactly what we have seen on far too many occasions this year.

For the start of Spring, March is currently expected to be close to the seasonal norm, both in terms of rainfall and temperature.

Overall it's still a lottery, but if you brush up on your met skills you should be in a better position to predict those great flying days.


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