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Hero Cam 'wide'


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I have at last recived my wide angle camara.

My first impresssions were about how expensive the packaging looks! Its presented in a perspex box that I am now looking for another use for it.

Then I chucked in the power and worked out in about 20 seconds, how to use all of its 'many' functions.

I decided that my first test would be a time lapse dog walk that we do most days, it passes a pond so also dunked it fully into the water and held it under on time lapse mode for a few shots. (the walk was 20 mins, the footage was about 60 seconds)

I was so impressed with the result that I got home and set it up pointing at the clouds going over, and that is just amazing on time lapse! mI have burnt it to a DVD and watched it on a big TV and the quality is much better than I was expecting. (vid here some time today)

It comes with a load of extra stuff, laods of different types of mounting system, (all very strong and 'safe') straps, sticky pads, and a 2GB memory card to get started.

I used it for a good few hours yesterday and the 2x900Ah AAA batteries are still going strong.

If your in camara buying mode, click on the word camara.


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I have had a few of these "sports" cams, I have found they are ok but when the movement they are shooting starts to get real fast they tend to go a bit jerky, you will have to stick that one on the dash of your van simon and see how it copes, I went out and bought a bullit cam for on board stuff it plugs into a normal camcorder wich I carry in a rucksack, the picture and sound quality are top notch, part of this video includes some on board stuff i took:


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